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Hunter's family have experienced what it's like to be a family fighting childhood cancer.

Kate and Dave are eternally grateful for their extensive support network of family and friends. Their support provided the necessary framework to allow them to focus their energy on Hunter’s treatment.

Hunter’s family set up this foundation to help create the ‘village’ needed to support  other families going through childhood cancer.

We hate why you have found yourself here, but we are honoured to do what we can to help you, with some practical support, all sent with our love and strength.



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Hunter's Hero Families


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Neither Hero Hunter Foundation Limited or any of its officers and employees (HHF) will be providing the relevant services (Services) to you.  Rather, the Services will be provided by third parties (Service Providers) that will be introduced to you by HHF. 


The costs of these Services are either paid for by HHF, or are kindly donated by the Service Provider.


Before the Services are provided, it would be appreciated if you could you please read, acknowledge and agree to the disclaimer contained at the following link: Disclaimer Agreement


In summary, HHF expressly disclaims responsibility and accepts no liability (including, without limitation, any liability arising from fault or negligence) in respect of any loss (including any consequential loss), liability, claim, damage or expense whatsoever arising from, in connection with or in relation to the Services (irrespective of whether caused or contributed to by HHF).

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